Welcome To Animal Quackers Petting Farm

Welcome To Animal Quackers Petting Farm

opening hours




 we are open weekends bank holidays and half term time.

14th & 15th of July the unicorn will be making an appearance at Animal Quackers don’t miss out no extra charge!

 please note we are closed 21st 22nd 23rd of July due to electric work on the farm.


we open for half term on Tuesday 24th of july at 11am




11am – 4pm










Things To Do

Farm Tour

Take a journey with us on our one of a kind farm tours, hosted by our very own man of the hour Farmer Terry he is sure to keep your little ones amused all day long

Hug A Bunny

Cuddle time it is folks! with rabbit, ducklings, chicks, chinchillas, kittens, puppies, geckos, bearded dragons, snakes, spiders, mice and guinea pigs thers something for everyones tastes to get up close and personal with

Snap a Memory

Don’t forget to fill up your cameras and phones with lots of photo memories!

Bird Show

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? no its Harry the Harris Hawk and this is your chance to watch him soar, fly loop – dee loop and perform some sensational tricks for you to watch in awe!

Animal Quackers

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Our Opening Times

11am – 4pm, Weekends, bank holidays and school holidays

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